Palm Plantation in Agusan del Sur

Purpose Sale
Area 630000 sq. m.

For Sale 63 hectares agriculture land with 60 hectares fully planted 11 year-old palm oil trees. The plantation is located at Sagunto, Lapaz, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. It’s almost one kilometer from the highway. The bunch weigh from 25 to 35 kilos.

This property has two separate farm lots:

43.4 Hectares

20.88 Hectares

1 palm plantation agusan del sur

About Oil Palm Trees

Oil palm tree is not just an ordinary crop. It has many distinctive features not shared by other crops. Among the four crops producing 83% of the world vegetable oil, palm oil ranks on top in terms of volume and percentage of production.

Oil palm is not prone to damage by moderate drought or floods once established and more productive with much higher yield and income.

Oil palm trees have long duration of productivity of 30 years or longer, meaning plant once and harvests every ten days in 30 years. This makes oil palm attractive for investment and is highly bankable. Mature oil palm trees require lesser amount of fertilizer. With mature oil palm, only 18 bags of fertilizer is needed/hectare per year for optimum productivity. Such amount can be reduced to ten bags if the oil palm farmer supplements organic fertilizer which he may produce through vermiculture using palm oil processing waste within his farm.

Oil palm fruits are harvested and give income to the farmers every ten days.

Source/Credits Pablito P. Pamplona, Ph.D.